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    Project budgeting without additional effort

    In the first blog of this series, we have already talked about the seamless “transition” from the supply in the contract phase, which is only a status change in the integrated ERP system.

    The calculated hours to the planned project activities and the material cost are included in the modules and assemblies from the offer configuration.


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    Quotation calculation in equipment building.

    With big effort and huge risks, acceptable revenue is made in equipment building and special machinery. However, single project issues are killing the project margin.

    The main reasons of the project losses are very often caused before the order fulfillment starts.
    Time- and cost pressure as well as inappropriate methods for material costing, are causing huge financial risks when it comes to a low amount of orders with long lead-times and high value.


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    Having fear is not needed, but…

    the requirements of the already demanding processes in the machine- and equipment building will continue to rise in the future not only by industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. Machines and equipment in companies are in the future less isolated and need to be integrated in complex systems.


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